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Distributing flags helps make the hope of change, visible—in flying colors. Thank you for wanting to spread our message and this symbol to more and more communities, schools, neighborhoods, organizations, states and countries.

As a distributor, you will connect with our Core Team to understand the ins and outs of distributing; explore the Distributors' Guide below to understand your part in this distributing role, and attend our biannual distributors meeting on Zoom.

Step 1

The first step to being a distributor is to understand the PEACE Flag Movement. Learn about our mission and history on the ABOUT US page and be sure to read through the JOIN US page to understand membership.

Step 2

You've read through our website, agree with our mission statement and want to get flags to anyone who wants one. Read our guide about the distributing process, and to get tools, materials and flags.

Step 3

Would you like to further support the Peace Flag Movement? Do you have a financial contribution you would like to give or that your friends, family or community members have raised? Thank you!