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What does the flag stand for?

Our flag’s rainbow of colors symbolizes all of humanity: every Culture, Race, Spirituality, Gender, Sexuality, Age, and Ability. The flag design has evolved in the name of equity and racial justice, with black lettering and new hues, all colors standing side by side, no one more important than another. This flag sends a message of love and compassion that often goes unseen. It can help an individual who feels hopelessly alone, and generations of people who feel helplessly unconnected and marginalized. While it reads PEACE, it represents our fight against bias, prejudice, and injustice. PEACE is what we fight for—a future as one consciously interconnected global community.

How can I get a flag?

Visit the Get A Flag page for details on finding a pick up site near you (which reduces our impact on the environment!), or ordering and having a flag shipped. 

Can you tell me more about how the flag is made?

The PEACE Flag is 3’ x 5’ with two metal grommets. It is made of storm fabric and is silk-screened vs printed, so it will last up to 4x longer than most outdoor flags. It is indeed weather-resistant and can fly in all four seasons, plus any social or political climate! We package the flag with a paper band, no unnecessary plastics.

Are flags free?

We distributed thousands of free flags as the Peace Flag Project! Now, as the PEACE Flag Movement, our mission has evolved. The Movement is fueled by volunteers. We use flag fees and donations to reach more communities, educate a new generation, influence more leaders, and inspire more people to open their hearts & minds. That said, we would love for everyone who wants a flag to have a flag. To request one, or to request a large number of flags for your organization, Contact Us directly, thank you  

How long will it take my flag to arrive?

Flag orders are processed by our volunteers as quickly as possible, and sent Standard Mail by the USPS in an environmentally-conscious mailer. Please be patient, but if more than 2 weeks have passed, email us below.

How can I get involved?

here are so many ways! Visit the Join Us page to get started